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Chase Davis, New Team Rider

We’re are super excited for Chase Davis to join our FGFS team. We’ve been watching him grow over the years and he has proven he is someone to be taken seriously. He is young, talented and sure to become one the best. Welcome to the team Chase!

VCB: Where were you born and raised?

CD: I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah #801

VCB: Did you ride bikes before FGFS? If so, what kind?

CD: I have always ridden fixed gears, it started with just track bikes and slowly transitioned to a FGFS bike.

VCB: What got you into FGFS and how long have you been riding?

CD: I met Jackson Bradshaw and Evan Service and they got me hyped to try FGFS, I have been riding a freestyle fixed gear for probably 4 years now.

VCB: Is there anyone in FGFS that inspires you and pushes you to work harder?

CD: There are a ton of bad ass FGFS homies in California that make me want to push harder, but primarily the FOAD crew helps inspire me to keep going.

VCB: What do you like to do when you’re not riding your bike?

CD: When I’m not riding my bike, I do varsity wrestling for my high school, and chill with homies.

VCB: Do you have anything else you would like to add?

CD: I’m stoked to be a part of the Velo City Bags FGFS team, and I look forward to riding for them and others in the future as my riding experience increases.

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Back To School Sale



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Holliday Sale


This is our biggest sale of the year and we’ve got all of the major sale days covered, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. We’re also giving away a one-of-a-kind Small Messenger bag, all you have to do is make a purchase to be entered in the drawing. Go to our site VELOCITYBAGS.COM and enter code holidays2013 in your cart to receive 25% OFF your purchase.

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Back To School Sale



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Makeshift Pannier

Makeshift Pannier

Stuff you'll need


close up on carabiner


A VC fanatic getting creative and I love it. He took one of our Small Pedestrian bags and made a makeshift pannier using a bungee carabiner and a regular bungee cord. You could also just use two carabiners instead of the bungee carabiner.

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25% OFF Winter/Valentine’s Sale

Winter Sucks

We are having a huge winter sale and it’s a perfect time for Valentine’s Day. Get your loved one that fully customized bag they have been dreaming about or be totally selfish and swoop one up for yourself. Enter wintersucks in your cart at VELOCITYBAGS.COM or visit the shop at 366 South 500 East #102, Salt Lake City, UT.

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25% OFF Holiday Sale

We’re having a huge 25% OFF Everything Sale this weekend and we’re also giveaway a two-tone stitched one of a kind Runner messenger bag. Shop online at VELOCITYBAGS.COM and enter holidays2012 at checkout to receive the discount. You can also stop by our storefront located at 366 S. 500 E. #102 Salt Lake City, UT

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The New Day-Pack

Our new roll top Day-Pack is a small simple no nonsense back-pack with just the essential pockets and features. We wanted to design a back-pack that was in the same fashion as our popular Runner messenger bag, lightweight, comfortable and affordable at just a $100.00. It’s a perfect all day bag for walking the urban streets.


  • 1000D Cordura outer shell
  • 18oz floating vinyl liner
  • Large expandable front pocket
  • Small organizer pocket
  • Large slip pocket with easy access with pack on
  • Double layered reenforced bottom
  • Chest stabilizer strap
  • D-Ring for keys


  • H 16″ x W 11″ x D 4″

For more info, shop our pre-made store at

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Updated Pedal Straps

We’ve made some updates to our Pedal Straps due to our riders requests. We made the top strap longer for better fit with beefier shoes and the lower straps are now a 3/4″ double-layered nylon webbing for added durability and stiffness.

You can order them from our website or you can pick them up from any of our fine retailers.


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Welcome Jonathan Davis


Jonathan Davis’s long awaited welcome edit to Velo City and I must say, it was worth the wait. I’ve said this numerous times before but I’m thrilled to have Jonathan a part of our team, he’s pushing the sport of FGFS to the next level and doing it with class.

*NOTE: This interview was done a while back because we anticipated the edit coming out sooner but Jonathan has been recovering from injuries, which put the edit on hold. I’ve changed his sponsors but left the rest of the interview as is.

VC: How long have you been riding bikes? 

JD: I raced bmx for about 12 years and fixed for about 4 years.

VC: Where were you born and raised?

JD: Born in Orange but I have grown up in Riverside all my life.

VC: What got you into FGFS?

JD: Well I’ve always had to commute to go to high school or wherever else i needed to go to and bmx bikes and beach cruisers got to be too tiring and slow so I bought a shitty aluminum k-mart road bike for 20 bucks off some dude i knew had stole it and it kind of started there. Soon after i got pretty bored on that and a couple friends of mine had conversions so i decided to build one too. We always screwed around in parking lots and parking garages doing wheelies and stuff so once i realized my bike couldnt hang with minimal abuse i moved up to a standard track frame since. At the time, for some reason the volume cutter v1 was so hard to get. I waited for the fu manchu to drop and i drove all the way to long beach just to grab it and it was on from there. I was never into keo spins or any of the other circus tricks i just liked to jump shit. Not many people were doing that at the time thats why once I saw videos of  Wonka,Eric Puckett, Sam Miller and Tom got me real juiced along with the daily shit talk on trick track(r.i.p). I’ve never really had people to ride with so I never filmed up until this last year which is funny now that some people are starting to recognize me they are pretty surprised that I’ve been in the game for quite some time.

VC: What do you like to do when you’re not riding your bike?

JD: Riding takes up most of my time whether it be bmx, downhill, fast bike, or my fixed and even when im not riding , I spend about an hour a day on “the Come Up”. Other than that I like to draw/paint, ride motorcycles (street and dirt), cut  n’ sew, and definitely would be a lier if I said I didn’t spend a lot of my time on instagram.

VC: Who else are you sponsored by?

JD: SE Bikes, CSK and Bumsteads bike shop

VC: Do you have anything else you would like to add?

JD: Umm…. Well I’d like to throw some shout outs to a few people that keep me going so first I’d like to thank my sponsors for keeping me on two wheels, SE Bikes, CSK, Garrison and Stephan from bumsteads, Velo City for keeping the ducktape, thread and hot glue off my feet haha. My dude Gus Molina, with out you player I wouldn’t have any footage or anyone to kick it and ride with. Zane from UVT, Dave beard, the Zlog boys, TTV, #joemckeagsays.

In conclusion I’m super siked to be a new addition to the team and can’t wait to see whats in store for this sport this year, I hope everyone keeps pushing the sport harder and harder to keep it going.  Whether it’s in a positive or negative manner. Everyone needs to stay in the mindset that if it’s possible on BMX, it’s possible on fixed.

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