Posted by: velocitybags | August 7, 2010

Pedal Strap Review

Slug Magazine, August 2010

Like the scene in Breaking Away when the dude tapes his feet to the pedals in the Little 500 race, these straps make you want to smash. I love to ride a bike, I love even more being able to do so in style. Velo City hooked it up. Proper vinyl straps handmade in the SLC. My question is what is taking you and your fixie friends so long to scoop these up? You can get them to match all your brightly-colored bar tape and skinny jeans. These things are tuff as hell too. They may not stay looking fresh after a couple spills, but they stay feeling fresh properly holding your feet to your pedals.  If you’re anything like me, you wonder if cages or pedal straps will scuff up your kicks, these will not, kept my 91’ Structures as OG as possible. They look good, they feel good. Get some and get out there and smash. –Jemie Sprankle


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