Posted by: velocitybags | November 27, 2011

Evan Service For Velo City Bags

Evan Service For Velo City Bags from FOAD on Vimeo.

Meet our first team rider, Evan Service:

We first saw Even riding in our freestyle competition for the Velo Weekend event held this past June and we were so impressed. We have been watching him grow and improve ever since. We’re super excited to have him as a part of our FGFS team. Evan told us a little bit more about himself in this short interview that follows.


Velo City: How old are you?

Evan Service: 18

Velo City: How long have you been riding fixed gears?

Evan Service:  I have been riding fixed gears for about 4 years.  I have always had a passion for bikes. I was riding a two wheeler before my third birthday.

Velo City: Where were you born and raised?

Evan Service: I’m from shugahood Salt Lake City, Utah. Been here my whole entire life.

Velo City: What got you into Fixed Gear Free Style?

Evan Service:  I got into FGFS because Jackson Bradshaw and Sam Allgood were riding around my neighborhood with their big forks on there fixed gears doing tricks, so that’s when I put together a trick bike.

Velo City: What inspires you?

Evan Service: The enjoyment of riding with friends pushing each other to learn new tricks and watching videos of Wonka, Matt Reyes, Tom La Marche and just all the top riders really inspire me.


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