Posted by: velocitybags | December 14, 2011

Updated Website

Our new website is up and running. We did an overhaul on the old site and made some significant changes. We’ve streamlined the custom section of the website so that it’s quicker and more user friendly, but the biggest news is, we now offer pre-made products. You no longer have to wait 2-6 weeks for a custom bag, if you see something you like just add it to your cart and we’ll ship it out.

We’ve also added new products to the pre-made section.

Simple bags: They’re our no nonsense line of bags with just the essential features. Perfect for the person on a budget.

Runner: A small daypack messenger, for the days when you have a light load.

Wallets: We have tons of scraps and what better way to use said scraps then to make wallets. We have two styles of wallets, a slim 4 card wallet and a 6 card wallet.


Stephen Chai, our web designer, has done an amazing job! I couldn’t be more happy with the way the website has turned out. He outdid himself on this one. Thanks Stephen!



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