Product Reviews

Pedal Consumption, May 2010

PEDAL Consumption reviewed our Medium+ Backpack. Go check out the review here. Not only did they highlight the “topnotch” quality and construction found in every Velo City Bag, but they were quite impressed by all of the space and straps that prove perfect for “hauling those heavy loads.”

Prolly Is Not Probably , May 2010

Read the full review here

Slug Magazine, September 2009

Velo City Bags

Large Backpack with the Organizer upgrade

With the bike-messenger-type bag and backpack already holding ground as a must have for trendy cyclists and non-cyclists alike, it was only a matter of time before someone started a legit bag company local to Salt Lake City. Think Chicago Wig but closer to home and with better prices and you’ve got Velo City Bags. If you’re actually a messenger, the huge backpack I tested out all week would make perfect sense. It has everything you’d ever need in order to carry even the most awkward item across town. On top of that, it has space left over for your phone, wallet, even laptop. You can upgrade the already handy backpack with extra pockets like this one, with an organizer that even has a spot for pens. If you aren’t a messenger and just want to look cool with a smaller functional and waterproof bag, you can buy the standard size instead of the large one. My only negative critique is that the fabric isn’t breathable, but what backpack isn’t going to leave you with a sweaty back when you ride your bike during a Salt Lake City summer day? Call Velo City to custom order a bag with your choice of colors and features or check them out in person at FRESH. The backpack lives up to everything a bike backpack should live up to and, best of all, it’s local so your friends won’t make fun of you for selling out and buying Chrome.  –Chelsea Babbish

Pedal Consumption, August 2009

Velo City Bag was quite impressive at first glance. You could not believe how gracious the space was when fully packed. The construction, compression strap system, and detail is out of this world! I also like their distinctive pattern on the front panel. You really can’t miss this trademark logo. Seriously, I was truly tempted to keep this jewel, but I knew some lucky person would really be happy winning it. After the lucky winner picked up his bag, I got a chance to see it being used right off the bat. It was incredible to see how many items and prizes he was stuffing into this bag. He was stoked!


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